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#Product Articles 📱

Learn By Doing In this article, I’ll talk about why I like to Learn by Doing and introduce #TPAPitchside 2020.

How to learn X? This article talks about the different ways we can learn something new and what I find the best way for me to learn X?

Build products that make the user successful. I recently tweeted out “build products that make the user successful” this article describes what I mean.

#Sales Articles 🧾

Are you ready to sell? I talk about five things you should think about as you get ready to sell.

How to negotiate a lemon. Recently I asked Twitter, “Two chefs in the kitchen want the last lemon. Who gets it?” In this blog post, I’ll show you how to negotiate a lemon and introduce the basics of negotiations.

Influencing your buying decision. Sales is hard, nobody wants to be sold to, but rather people want to buy. We look at one factor that may influence your buying decision.


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#All Articles ✈️

Hiring a freelancer. This article talks about our experience in hiring a freelancer on the FreeeUp platform.

Book review: Wise Guy. I was fortunate enough to get a review copy of Guy Kawasaki’s upcoming book 📘 Wise Guy. It was one of the best books I have read.

How to start a Podcast. I started The Product Angle, without any audio 🎧 or video experience. In this article I break down the process into 3 managable steps.

We uploaded my first YouTube video. Video 📹 is taking over the world, I also ran my first Kickstarter campaign.

Choosing the music for The Product Angle intro video. This is one of my favorite articles. As a proud dad, 👨‍👦creating the music for the intro with my son is just 🔥