Hey friends 👋

I’m Pradip. I’m a Product Manager, Podcaster, and Coach.

What I’m Working On

✍️ I write a blog over at The Product Angle for aspiring and junior Product People. We answer your burning questions.

🎧 I host a podcast called The Product Angle Show where I talk to product people as they share their insights on product, growth, and working with people.

🎬 You can also find The Product Angle Show on YouTube if that’s your Jam. Consider subscribing and sharing if you found it valuable.

💌 I write a newsletter where we explore building products and building a business that makes money online. Get actionable insights from my learnings delivered to your inbox.

📚 I teach law at Long Island University. If you are a student looking for the class materials go here.

Other Stuff

👨‍💻 I custom-built my second PC when I was 17 (ish)

✈️ My first real job was as an engineer. At 17 I was building Full Flight Simulators and flying (trying) around in A330/340 and 777 simulators. This was the start of my love for flying and traveling.

🏏 As far back as I can remember, my favorite hobby is Cricket, it started off with playing with my dad in the front garden. My dad and I used to play and watch Cricket together. I remember my first international game watching the England v. India test match at Lords – the home of Cricket 1996.

Get in Touch

🐦 Tweet me @PradipCloud, if it’s something short, or feel free to send a DM via Twitter.

💌 Email me using the contact email form. I respond to every email (as long as it’s not spam).

🙌 Meet Me. If you are in NYC or London hit me up (for a socially distanced coffee if safe to do so).