Wall of Love

“Pradip is the real deal you can rely on.” 

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Pradip for over a year now and have taken 3 excellent trainings with him. As someone with a master’s degree and a Ph.D., and an educator myself, I have extensive experience with countless trainers and teachers. Pradip is a unique gem. He is knowledgeable, sincere, adaptable, pays exceptional attention to each trainee, is approachable, and has an excellent ability to transmit his knowledge in an engaging way. One thing is for sure, whatever he promises is delivered. He is someone you’ll come to like, respect, rely on, and have the pleasure to keep in your circle.

Dr. Persia Jamshidi

CEO, Jamshidi Leadership Group

Pradip, you have done it again!! I am lucky to have been a part of your podcasting course. I learned so much in terms of selecting the right equipment, how to engage my audience, and prepping for the show by conducting research on specific topics or guests in order to formulate the best questions that will attract and keep listeners wanting to tune in. You pushed me out of my comfort zone and this ultimately led me to record, upload, and share my first episode, nervous and all. I loved it! You got me to do something I’ve always wanted to do but never really knew where to start or how. Thank you, I would highly recommend anyone looking to learn about podcasting to take your course. Pradip is patient, knowledgeable and answers any questions you may have during and outside of the course. AMAZING!!! 

Pradip Khakhar

V. Mann

Thank you, Pradip for a great class. Your detailed step-by-step approach guided me through new and unfamiliar territory. The workbook helped me re-digest the material again and again, and thank you for sharing your personal experiences, which helped to guide me and feel comfortable getting started with my own Podcast. Also, your positive reinforcements helped me feel comfortable to continue through my uncertainty.

Good teaching style, regular accessibility, and positive reinforcements. I highly recommend this class to get your own Podcast going.

Pradip Khakhar

S. Miller

Pradip not only taught us the strategies for running a successful enterprise, but he also held us accountable for turning our learning into action. Thanks to Pradip, we have collected invaluable insight from customer interviews that is helping to both drive sales and test different business models. If you’re looking for an expert business coach who will warmly guide you along your entrepreneurial journey, Pradip is your guy!

Pradip Khakhar

Pauline & Tamar

Co-founders of tailor-made by PAULINE

I had the opportunity to know Pradip on two levels – one as a professor and the other as a mentor.  Pradip, on both occasions, exhibited high-level expertise in addressing entrepreneurial challenges in a streamlined and no-nonsense fashion. He easily sees through one’s difficulties and quickly offers clear solutions. I will always be grateful for the extensive knowledge he shared and for his guidance.

Pradip Khakhar

Bernardita Calinao, PhD

Founder and CEO WalkSpan

Pradip’s classes are stimulating and thoughtfully taught. Very interesting case studies as well, which made for interesting class discussions. Thank you very much, Pradip!

Pradip Khakhar

Irena Spencer


In Bankruptcy Law and Computer-Aided Legal Research, Pradip set the bar high and pushed me to meet it through interactive challenges. Pradip made it a point to have students trust themselves in their answers to problems through both courses. Beyond learning Bankruptcy Law and Computer-Aided Legal Research, I learned life lessons, most notably to trust your instincts. I cannot thank Pradip enough for giving me the confidence to justify my reasoning. My favorite part of his teaching was writing a legal memo. In doing so, he asked the class if they agreed with the given fact pattern. Some said yes, some said no. While I was in the minority, Pradip said, “there is no wrong answer. It’s your answer to stand by.” That spoke volumes and shows just how much faith Pradip has in his students. If you have a chance to take one of his courses, I would highly recommend Pradip, as his knowledge and teaching style stands out for the best of reasons. Thank you, Pradip!

Pradip Khakhar

Andrew Robert


I didn’t know I was capable of starting my own business until I met Pradip Khakhar. He showed me that any idea can be made possible with the right steps. Before taking his class, I never thought I could sell anything and couldn’t even think of where to begin! Pradip guides you through a process to better improve and polish your idea and business strategy in developing what you want to achieve. I couldn’t have gotten started without him, so I will forever be grateful for all he has done to guide me in the right direction. Keep doing what you’re doing Pradip, more people can go further with you in their life.

Pradip Khakhar

Sophia Nath


I had already decided to create a business but I didn’t pull the trigger until this class. Pradip is very knowledgeable about how to go about thinking of your customers. A lot of times, entrepreneurs fail because they think more about themselves than who they are selling to. He shares his information in a calm and matter-of-fact manner and genuinely wants us to succeed. Even at times when I got in my own way, he encouraged me to just do it and take action. He kept reminding me to keep it simple. Pradip genuinely wants to help. He will tell you what you need to hear and not what you want to hear. I would definitely recommend contacting Pradip if you need help in your business.

Pradip Khakhar

Seema K


Pradip, I want to thank you for taking the time out to thoroughly see me through the process of creating and launching my e-commerce business. You provided the necessary tools & guidance to bring forth a clear vision of the product I wish to sell, narrow down who I wish to serve and how important it is to stand out from the competition. You practice what you preach, and that speaks volumes. Each time I hit a brick wall you helped me see that there was actually a way to walk around it rather than trying to find a way to climb over it. I would highly recommend you to anyone looking to start a business or improve their current one. It was an absolute pleasure working with you.

Pradip Khakhar



I had the pleasure of having Pradip as a professor for both Bankruptcy Law and Legal Research and Writing. He has a natural ability to engage students in the course material. He built a series of steps for teaching legal writing that is clear and makes the act of writing memos and case briefs painless. He also taught me how to use Lexis Nexis!

Pradip Khakhar

Chelsea Mosure


I was lucky to have Pradip as my professor in Bankruptcy and Legal Research and Writing classes. He explains things in multiple ways in an inordinately clear fashion to help students grasp concepts. All the depth and applications he went into with the topics in class made me learn a lot about briefing a case and writing a legal memorandum. He was also very approachable and open to questions at any time. Thank you for the amazing lectures and discussions!

Pradip Khakhar

Silviya Goneva 

Attorney at Law

Pradip is a great professor who can make even the most mundane of topics (I’m looking at you, Bankruptcy Law) into something you look forward to learning about. He gives students the freedom to do the work themselves and isn’t always looking for the “right answer” but an answer you can take the tools he’s given you in lecture to justify your argument. After taking his Legal Research and Writing class, I felt as I had obtained the skills to start asking my boss (a lawyer) for more research based tasks and have received great feedback with the work I’ve produced. I’ve utilized the skills and concepts I’ve learned from Pradip’s class into the real world and believe it has made me a better paralegal and hopefully one day, a great lawyer.

Pradip Khakhar

Kylie Sanders


I enjoyed Pradip’s classes. His style of teaching is great! He simplifies things and gets straight to the point.

Pradip Khakhar

Rachel Joslyn


“Pradip is one of the most engaging and informative instructors I’ve had”

He prepares students for real-world scenarios, emphasizing the most current technologies and research methods, all while encouraging students with his witty and cheerful approach.

Pradip Khakhar

Charles Holden


Pradip assisted in setting up my Google Webmaster verifications and I’m beginning to see an increase in my traffic. He also spent time analyzing my blog and the various SEO and other settings that I didn’t have activated. Just wanted to say thank you and let you know that you are really inspiring and helping a lot of people and ideas get off the ground!

I took Pradip’s class, Bankruptcy Law, as a part of the paralegal certificate program offered at Long Island University. Admittedly, I wasn’t looking forward to the class because I assumed the material would be quite dry, but Pradip found a way to make it engaging and I ended up really enjoying the class. His teaching style focused on teaching “real world” skills as opposed to getting bogged down in the minutia of the Bankruptcy code. I enrolled in this particular program because I wanted to learn the necessary skills that I will need in my future career as a paralegal, and I really appreciated that Pradip took this approach in teaching his class.

Sarah Ferguson


“Pradip is a man with a clear purpose”

He wants to help people. He wants to create value for other people by teaching them how to think about and do their job better. Whether you are in sales or product management, Pradip will help you improve your communication skills, e.g., how to improve your public speaking ability​ and how to negotiate. He is a master at what he does. He connects with his audience at a personal level as if he is having a conversation with a friend in his living room. If you want to learn how to connect with your customers, with the people you serve, I’d recommend that you attend one of Pradip’s workshops. If I were to describe Pradip with 3 words, I’d say: he genuinely cares.

Ying Zhou

Executive Director

“Thanks, Pradip”

Pradip did a great job helping me identify my product and growth strategy. I had an idea for an app that I needed some help to execute. Pradip’s road-mapping session helped me define my concept and understand my users- the key to building a value proposition. I walked away with a full concept and the sketches ready for development. Thanks, Pradip!

Michael Ravello


“I highly recommend him”

I was so happy when I first saw his creative work, but when he designed my website and helped me build it and gave me everything I wanted in it, I was extremely satisfied!!! I highly recommend him. He has work ethics, very reliable and honest, and he knows his stuff!!! He is really easy to work with, he knows what and how to do everything, super smart and really goes out of his way to help his clients!

Martha Ma

Small Business Owner

“Thanks again for a great class!

Pradip provided our organization with a four-hour program on Negotiating Skills. We asked for a lot packed into a short period of time, and Pradip came through for us. Two hours were a lecture format, and two hours were a workshop. Everyone involved agreed that Pradip did a great job. He helped all of us understand the essential elements of a negotiation and then gave us a chance to practice what we learned through the workshop. The workshop was eye-opening. It forced us to think outside the box and step out of our comfort zone. I feel much more prepared now for future negotiations and look forward to working with Pradip on other projects.

Ray Kappel


“I suggest reaching out to him ASAP

I was having a particularly hard time completing a project and turned to Pradip for help. I’m so glad I did! He was able to help me break down the project into digestible chunks, extract the important details and organize everything from start to finish. He listens and allows you to work collaboratively with him. He used creativity and insight to overcome the challenging parts of the project as well as helped me discover skills I didn’t know I had. I suggest reaching out to him ASAP for his guidance in achieving your business goals!

Leah Hogan


“He did an amazing job

I retained Pradip’s resume writing and Linkedin refresher service and was completely satisfied. Pradip is very thorough and had great communication throughout the process. He did an amazing job making my resume look professional and getting me up to speed on Linkedin. I highly recommend his services in order to market yourself in a much more effective and professional manner.

Lita Medina


“I enthusiastically recommend Mr. Khakhar as he is a wonderful teacher.

I was a student of Pradip in the LIU paralegal certificate program. I enthusiastically recommend Mr. Khakhar as he is a wonderful teacher. I studied bankruptcy law with him and he made it easy to understand this area of law. He also was excellent teaching the skills of legal writing & research. He was always well prepared and open to questions. His instruction is of the highest caliber and I endorse him completely!!

Christina Lange


“I received a lot of useful information during his class

It was a pleasure to work with such a creative and organized professional. Training conducted by Mr. Pradip was determined to give students an in-depth understanding of key problems with providing a just right amount of information on the subject. Mr. Pradip’s teaching methods based on innovative and progressive techniques. The important elements of each class were discussion and review of valuable resources. I have received a lot of useful information during his class and recommend program provided and created by him to every interested individual.

Lika Murvanidze

Criminal Lawyer

“The way he conveys knowledge to his students is very clear

I was grateful that Pradip was my Legal Research instructor at LIU University. I really appreciated his extensive knowledge of the law and its application. I must also say that the way he conveys knowledge to his students is very clear and not too complex, which is so important in the area of legal research.

Agnieszka Farley


“I was immediately impressed

Mr. Khakhar was my professor at Long Island University in their Paralegal Studies program. I was immediately impressed with how easily he was able to communicate this new and strange lexicon to a new group of students, many of whom were unfamiliar with legal terminology. Each class was engaging, informative, and designed to make sure that we were putting all of the information he was providing to the fullest use possible. The time, effort, and attention he paid to each question asked showed his love of the subject matter and his desire to see all of us succeed.

C. Brian Devinney


“He has a unique ability to explain even most difficult concepts

Pradip was my professor at LIU. He is very intelligent and professional. He has a broad knowledge of different subjects and sciences, which helps him to be a very good instructor. He has a unique ability to explain even most difficult concepts by presenting the subject from different perspectives.

Sergey Marts

Assistant District Attorney