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Level up your Product skills - develop the skills, mindset, & tools, to facilitate effective collaboration and communication in cross-functional teams. Creating alignment and breaking down silos.

The conference combines training, practical exercises, and conference-style talks to create a learning environment where you can practice your new skills on the day.

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The Product Angle

Product Negotiations is The Product Angle's newsletter. Every two weeks we send out curated articles in the Product space.

In addition, we explore how to Communicate, Negotiate & Evangelize effectively while building trust and confidence in Product teams.

Join and level up your Negotiation and Product skills.

Pradip Cloud

The Product Angle

Become a better Product Person & Negotiator. The Product Angle.

Pradip Khakhar


Listen to Product People building awesome products as they take us through their steps from idea to monetization. Podcast.

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A tool to help you plan, research and tell stories for all your podcast 🎧 episodes! Plan your podcast here.

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