Want me to speak at your next event?

Are you looking for a speaker, do you want me to speak at your next event?

I love talking about:

– Fundamentals of communication and negotiation skills
– Selling and building products
– (failing to) Start a podcast

Pradip Cloud Speaking

(something fresh and new 😀)

The objective of these presentations is:
1) to be a learning experience and
2) to create discussion and team building.

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Speaking engagements in 2020.

1. Jan 14, 2020. Building practical negotiation skills at Fiverr, NYC.
2. Jan 23, 2020. Remote HQ online meetup featuring 4 product builders.
3. Jan 28, 2020. Product Hunt Global MeetUp NYC at Bubble.
4. March 01, 2020. Supporting facilitation and mentoring duties for Can Data start a movement at Queens College.
5. March 05, 2020. Use Customer Discovery for Growth at Queens College.
6. March 01, 2020. Tech Shek Virtual event from Islamabad, Pakistan.
7. March 05, 2020. Product Discovery. Build products people want to use and buy at Queens College.
8. April 01, 2020. How to communicate and negotiate effectively in cross-functional teams at Product Impact 2020 😍
9. May 05, 2020. Build Trust Within Your Team, Company, and Customers with Fiverr USA.
10. May 07, 2020. Consumer Uncertainty with Clicksuasion Labs.
11. May 07, 2020. How to build practical negotiation skills at Queens College.
12. June 04, 2020. Sales for Entrepreneurs at Queens College.
13. August 06, 2020. Effective Public Speaking at Queens College.
14. (More being announced soon.)

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Want me to speak at your next event?