How to start a podcast

Two months ago back in May 2018, I decided I want to start a podcast. I had zero experience in recording, editing and publishing audio. Then I had the bright idea of adding a video component for YouTube.

To re-iterate I had zero experience in recording, editing and publishing audio and video. I mean I always loved shooting video and capturing photos on the automatic setting on a simple point and shoot, however, all I did with that content was merely store it on an external hard drive and now in the cloud.

I was determined, and I knew to achieve this goal of starting a podcast, I would have to:

– Choose the topic of discussion
– Decide the name and who the target audience is.
– Get listed on Apple, Google, and other major podcast sites. Add the graphics, show notes, etc.
– Attract listeners.
– Choose the hardware needed: (depending on the how at a minimum):
– For audio, I thought I would need mics, cables, recording device (or laptop) and editing software and a platform that can host the audio files.
– For video, I thought I would need a video recording device (like a DSLR), mic (backup) and a platform that can host the audio files.
– Finding guests who are willing to be on the podcast.

The to-do list kept getting longer and longer. I needed to break it down so that the podcast does not spiral out of control and never launch.

I ended up breaking the to do’s into three components:

1. The podcast idea and concept
2. Recording and editing
3. Distribution

1. The podcast idea and concept

The idea and concept are one of the most important decisions you can make, some of the questions you should be asking yourself is:

– What is the subject or topic discussion?
– Will you talk alone, with someone each time or a new guest
– What is the style of the podcast?
– How long will the podcast last (20, 30, 40, 60 mins) and how often will you publish a new episode (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)?

2. Recording and Editing

At the essence of every podcast, you will need a way to record the audio. With you can start a podcast on your phone, yes on your phone! How simple is that?

If you want something more traditional, you will need a microphone, recording device (which can be your laptop) and software to edit the audio files.

3. Hosting and Distribution

Once you have recorded and edited the audio and are ready for the world to see, I mean listen to your podcast you need a way to get it onto your audience’s devices prepared to listen.

I would strongly recommend starting to build an audience as early as possible, that is one of the things that I did not do.

First, you will need a podcast host who will store the audio files on their servers and then make them available to your listeners.

Then the audio files are picked up by the major platforms such as Apple and Google.

Have any questions about starting your podcast, feel free to contact me or listen to my podcast The Product Angle Show.

I uploaded my first YouTube video

It’s been coming for a while now; I had my first YouTube video ready for a few weeks. As time got closer to uploading, fear crept in. What if the video tanks and I get negative reviews? What if, what if, and more what if’s.

Then I asked myself, when did I become so worried, where did this imposter syndrome come from?

Finally, I summoned enough courage to plug in my external hard drive and upload the video and thumbnail.

Is it better to do absolutely nothing or to try something and never regret not trying? I thought to myself “just do it.”

As soon as the video finished uploading, the thumbnail finished uploading. I felt relieved; the video is out there.

As you as the video went live I started texting all my friends and contacts that 1) I had promised that I would launch the podcast and 2) Appeared on the podcast.

Yes, I know the first ten episodes are a learning experience and just to get them out there.

Over the next few hours, I would watch the statistics seeing the number of views and subscribers increasing (although they are minimal at this point, for me 12 people subscribed and 40 people viewed the video. It’s a bit of a buzz.

Thank you to all my friends, colleagues and everyone who has been on the first ten episodes of the product angle podcast.

Take a look for yourself below my first YouTube video.

Choosing the music for the product angle intro video

I’ve started a Podcast…yes. This post is the story of how I chose the music for The Product Angle intro video. More to come on that later. Sign up for my newsletter if you would like to follow along.

As I was thinking of creating the intro for my podcast, I was listening to many different tracks, all ranging in different genres, moods, energy, and temp.

I knew I wanted something with a kick, fast tempo, uplifting type music. Also, it would be the first piece of work that I am publishing on youtube – no pressure right?

I continued my search for music, and while I was organizing files on my external hard drive, I noticed the music that my son had created using (I think) Garageband. I played it; it was not initially what I was planning for; however, it started to grow on me.

I played it over and over again a few times and decided to go for it and use it. Why, because, it was one of my son’s first creations and since the product angle is one of my new creations (and a first in the podcasting space) it would be a great story, and hopefully my son would feel a sense of accomplishment that would encourage him to continue to create.

Watch The Product Angle intro Video here.