I uploaded my first YouTube video

It’s been coming for a while now; I had my first YouTube video ready for a few weeks. As time got closer to uploading, fear crept in. What if the video tanks and I get negative reviews? What if, what if, and more what if’s.

Then I asked myself, when did I become so worried, where did this imposter syndrome come from?

Finally, I summoned enough courage to plug in my external hard drive and upload the video and thumbnail.

Is it better to do absolutely nothing or to try something and never regret not trying? I thought to myself “just do it.”

As soon as the video finished uploading, the thumbnail finished uploading. I felt relieved; the video is out there.

As you as the video went live I started texting all my friends and contacts that 1) I had promised that I would launch the podcast and 2) Appeared on the podcast.

Yes, I know the first ten episodes are a learning experience and just to get them out there.

Over the next few hours, I would watch the statistics seeing the number of views and subscribers increasing (although they are minimal at this point, for me 12 people subscribed and 40 people viewed the video. It’s a bit of a buzz.

Thank you to all my friends, colleagues and everyone who has been on the first ten episodes of the product angle podcast.

Take a look for yourself below my first YouTube video.

Posted by Pradip Khakhar

Hi, I'm Pradip Khakhar. Product Manager and Founder The Product Angle.